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I am an Artist

I am a studio artist and a landscape film photographer. I believe that art isn’t an exclusive club you must have a VIP pass to understand. Art is for everyone and whether you’re an artist or an art lover, it is exactly what you need to make your life more colorful, creative, and beautiful.

Over a year ago I quit my job and decided that I wanted my Art to be my full time job. I not only believe this is possible for me but for anyone who wants to love what they do and is willing to work hard.


Spring Collection is Live!

My Spring Collection of Paintings are finally here! Take a look at some of my newest original paintings!


Brand New Pinterest Course!

As an Artist, Pinterest has helped my art reach so many more people than I could have ever imagined! So, I have created a Pinterest Course that includes everything I have learned to help Artists, and Creative businesses showcase their products with 5 step by step videos! Get it now for only $49 or $11 a month for 5 months.


This course is concise and to the point. Jaime does an excellent job walking you through the steps it takes to master Pinterest! I never knew how much of an asset Pinterest could be for my business and I left the course feeling confident to move forward!

I loved the lesson about finding your personal style. It was so good for me to have to think about words that describe my business and the direction I plan on going.
— Nicole